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Tips On How To Practice Self-Love By Lifestyle Blogger Candice Chenade



Well isn’t this a strange place to find me? If you have read my blogs before then you will know what to expect from me. But if you don’t, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Candice Chenade and I am a lifestyle blogger (My Instagram is candicechenade). I use the term lifestyle a little loosely as currently, I mainly talk about mama life, how I take care of my hair and a whole lot of self-love. So, if you like these things feel free to check me out on Instagram and check out my website!

So, I’m guessing you are wondering what a blogger like me is doing on website like this... The truth is that I love fashion. I love bags and shoes but used to find it hard to treat myself to anything nice. I would spend all my money buying things for everyone else. For example: my daughter didn’t need any bodysuits but because I was already out for the day, I would pick some up for her or I would buy my partner new socks because he put a hole in one pair. I used to lack so much self-love that I wouldn’t even notice that I wasn’t giving the same level of love and care to myself, however small it may be.

 I think we all need to take some time to look within and treat ourselves the way we treat the ones we love. We are gentle with them. Delicate. Generous. We do all of this guilt free too. We don’t feel any shame in the love we give them. So, we should love ourselves the same way.

 Do me a favour... practice some self-love with me. Here’s three very simple things that you can do to practise a little more self-love.


  1. Write 10 nice things about yourself on 10 random bits of paper. Put them into a box and keep them there. When you feel crappy and need someone to lift you up, just like you do to everyone else, open the box and pick out a message to yourself. Read it. Take it in. Be there for yourself as you are for everyone else. Your kind words, your own self-love, your own praise. Basque in it. You are you and that is your power.


  1. Take a long bubble bath, play your all-time favourite album. Have a party with yourself in the bathtub and light some candles too baby girl.




  1. Buy two new pairs of shoes that you are in love with. You deserve it. Go and buy that new handbag. You deserve it. For all you know that new purchase could be doing something good. You know fashion with a cause!


Self-care isn’t selfish. It doesn’t hurt anyone, it actually helps heal any hurt you may have buried deep down inside of you. You and everyone around you will benefit from a happier you.

Looking and feeling good is important. Your confidence levels raise up, your self-esteem and emotional well-being are in a much better place. This all leads to a much happier life. Shopping doesn’t have to feel selfish or leave you feeling guilty at all.

Filling your online shopping trolley with 42 items and not making a purchase is only torturing yourself! Especially when you decide on whittling your 42 items to 1 after 5 weeks of contemplating only to find your size is sold out. That is probably the only thing that should make you feel guilty. Not giving to yourself.

You can shop at places that donate to charity. That have amazing links to their local communities. There are quite a few. Even right here on Polkaa Dot, so why not “look good for a good cause.”


Peace n Love




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